Week 2 Prep Work

What 60 Schools Can Tell Us About Teaching 21st Century Skills.

An interesting look at how schools need to change to focus on the moving future.

Critical thinking is – Asking more questions than answering, finding rather than solving problems and not being compartmentalised.

Schools are not good at innovation and find it uncomfortable to change. But with student ownership of learning at the forefront, we are setting them up to cope with their future, not our past.

Here are some screen shots of interesting phrases:

John Dewey and Maria Montessori were on the right track 150 odd years ago when they discussed the need for student engagement, the elimination of compartmentalisation of education and the need to allow networking for education of develop.

How am I doing this in my class?

Towards Reconceptualising Leadership: The implications of the Revised NZ Curriculum on School Leaders. Wayne Freeth


An interesting look at how the ideas behind what we are trying to do with our students, can be applied to teachers by management. Teacher agency leads to greater ownership, teamwork and therefore better outcomes for the students.

Here we also encounter the concept of knowledge being a verb – something we do something with, as opposed to a noun – something we have.

Teacher leadership also needs to be worked with a greater empathy and understanding for the history the students bring to the table, class, race, gender and religion, all play an important part in learning and participation.

Through Principals decentralising leadership, teachers have more ownership of the curriculum content, and are therefore heading towards the overall goal of the NZC. This is hard to facilitate though, as educators in general are so used to being told what to do and how to do it. It takes a mind shift from us all, educators and non educators (BOT’s, ERO etc..) alike to effectively change the leadership style in schools, allowing for greater collaboration and buy in.

An interesting article, and now that makes more sense after watching the video.

Week 2 is going to be interesting if we are discussing these concepts.



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