Week One

Being new to blogging, this is going to be a learning step for me. I intend to record my thoughts, ideas, and reflections of each week here. It might not be pretty, but here goes….

A lot of information today, course setup and admin tasks, then into it.

What are the 3 reasons for being here:

  • To challenge myself
  • To have likeminded collegial conversations
  • Exposure to new ideas

What is education, what is knowledge?

Interesting questions to pose a bunch of educators – with a range of ideas expressed.

To me knowledge is the skills you have built up, that can be used to help solve problems, and live day to day in our world. While education is the process of learning these skills. Education is not restricted to the classroom, it can be accessed anywhere, by anyone, and from any person.

Mark Osborne talked about the 3 stages of education – 1.0 being that where you learned from the people around you, the skills needed to survive, this happened right up to the industrial revolution. Education 2.0 is the industrial model of education – training workers for factories. Education 3.0 is education students to be able to think and problem solve. This is preparing them for a world we do not know about yet.

What if education was a verb not a noun? This question was posed to us as we left.

Here is the movie we created to show education and knowledge.

Leadership and followership.

Am I a leader? I did not think so, but when put in the context of teaching, then yes I am a leader. We all need to be part leader, and part follower. An interesting video showing the relationship between being an effective leader and follower.


I am looking forward to next week to see what happens, this is going to be full on, but well worth while, I can see.



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