Week Two

21st Century Skills

What do I think are the top 21st Century skills are:

Critical thinking




Our group challenge – create a movie revealing the power of a good 21st Century Learner. We were giving the attribute of Real World Knowledge and Innovation. This area involves students being exposed to authentic problems, allowing them time to solve them, and giving them the opportunity to share their results with ‘real’ people. We decided to do our video like we were presenting the challenge to the students in or class. All the documentation and rubrics came from this video:

It is found that investments in technology has been occurring for years however people are not seeing outcomes. How can we get positive outcomes from technology? What is the  connection between innovative teaching and learning? It was designed to transform and renew education ecosystems around the world to allow for better implementation of technology, and better prepare students for their future.

This is the video we prepared:

Key Competencies

What Key Competencies do I consider to be my personal strengths? – Participating and Contributing.

How have the KC’s impact my leadership? – I actively participate, and lead ‘from behind’ or ‘example’.

How do your own KCs help you to create an environment and activities that foster your students’ KCs?  – By allowing students to make their own choices, and supporting them to succeed.

Post Class Reflection

Think about what skills do our learners need in this Knowledge Age and time of Hyper Change?

To me students need the skills of Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication and Creativity. As the world changes they ned to be able to think on their feet, solve problems, teach themselves new skills, seek out new knowledge and work with others to achieve outcomes. To not be able to utilise these skills, means that they will be left behind, become outdated, and ultimately end up not making a positive contribution to society.

Identify 3 problems, challenges, frustrations or areas of concern you have in your own practice. Consider how do those relate to the Key Competencies / He Tikanga Whakaaro or 21st Century Skills?

  1. Student reliance on teacher guidance . They will ask first before trying to figure out how to do something.
  2. Collaboration is more ‘social time’ than actually working together to achieve a task.
  3. Contexts are manufactured rather than authentic real world problems.

Which 21st Century skills related area of your practice would you like to focus on in your Assessment 1? Why? Would your students agree? How do you know?

For Digital 1 I would like to focus on the reliance of students on external people to drive their learning, motivation and though process. For students to succeed beyond formal education, they need to be able to teach themselves new skills, and learn new knowledge. I am unsure how the students will respond to this initiative, I think the theory of ‘self direction’ will appeal to a majority, while those that prefer to be told what to do, will resist.

How might teachers’ and students strengths in developing capabilities in thinking, using language, symbols and texts, managing self, relating to others, and participating and contributing, be recognised and celebrated?

Celebration of these tasks occurs through celebration of achievements – by acknowledging success in a task, and discussing the skills involved in achieving, you are reinforcing and celebrating the use of the skills by the student/s. Those that do not fully achieve in a task, will see how others have used specific skills, and hopefully incorporate them into their next learning activity.

Feeling nervous about our Digital 1 assignment – with the support of my team I know I can do it.


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