Week 3


Implementing technology innovation in the classroom


Knowledge workers innovate, they are the ‘sweet spot’, socially aware, community focused.

Models of Technology Innovation

SAMR – 4 layers of bringing technology to the classroom.


Enhancing student learning. Is working with a google doc substitution or augmentation?

TPACK – Academic model

How does the technology  and pedagogy support and enhance the learning?


Create content

Design a 20 minute learning activity using Google Tour Builder/Maps/Earth. The task needs to be informed by SAMR.

Task: Creating a virtual field trip

As part of an entire unit on the Maori Battalion’s activities in World War 2, students will have knowledge and understanding of their movements overseas.

They are going to take this knowledge and create a Google Tour of the movement of the Maori Battalion. They will add authentic pictures, embed videos suited to this time era, include important facts and dates to support their tour.

They will be able to zoom in, move around and experience what it would have been like for these soldiers in these countries.

They will then share this tour with an authentic audience. This can be anyone, anywhere in the world.

All information relating to the task can be found here –  http://www.28maoribattalion.org.nz/map

Link to our basic example tour – https://tourbuilder.withgoogle.com/tour/ahJzfmd3ZWItdG91cmJ1aWxkZXJyEQsSBFRvdXIYgIDA8qzJsgkM

How this fits with the SAMR model


Having a map on the wall

Using an atlas


Interactive map

Relational understanding of where it fits in the world (more functional)


Redesigning the way they access the information

More time effective

More independent, they can use the device/tool to help find the answers


Accessing what the places look like

Previously it has been inconceivable

The ability to zoom in and add photos – jump into street view and explore specific locations.

This can then be experience through google cardboard – bringing the virtual ‘field trip’ to life.

They will share this tour with an authentic audience (beyond their personal connections).


Tour builder doesn’t work for Chromebook

You need a google account

There is no app for this


After the class (for next week): Do another group’s activity and then rate it against the SAMR model. Analyse where you think it fits and then write your feedback, justifications and ideas to the Google Doc as comments. If not ‘Redefinition’ or ‘Fit’ comment what the group could do to improve it. Read the comments on your own activity and reply to those if you want.

Technology Disruption and Mixed Reality.

What jobs will exist in 20yrs time?

  • Actors/Actresses
  • Singers
  • Politicians
  • Police
  • Nurses
  • Social Workers/Psychologists

Which careers are a safe bet?

In 2015 the BBC set up a web page entitled “Will a robot take your job?” Try typing in job titles into the search box to find out the likelihood that they could be automated within the next two decades.


Mixed Reality – Virtual Reality

Google Expedition has a teacher as the leader with other students looking through google glasses/ipads. Still images that you cannot ‘walk around’, interesting that not all the class is looking in the same direction.

Minecraft used as a reflection on history. Able to be interactively involved. Collections and stories brought to the students who created the virtual world.Links between virtual world and real life.

Consider ways that you may be able to use Virtual or Augmented Reality in your classroom or school? What would it add? How would it change the learning?

  • Using augmented reality to create links to devices, that show training videos.
  • Creating VR/Minecraft tutorial videos.
  • Using Minecraft or something similar to build a world similar to the one they have read.
  • Use GPS/augmented reality software to create an orientation type trip around local area.



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