Week 4

Research Informed Leadership

What is the relationship between leadership and research? Why might a leader need to be research informed?

Need to be able to support the teaching and change the pedagogy of the teachers. Confidence to act, justified with what you are doing. Able to see how everybody is doing what they are doing. Need to be continually looking at the current research and keeping up to date. A reason for being? Able to share the research  with their team.

‘Good Practice in Leading and supporting a research team’ page 9


Similarities and Differences between teaching and leading a research team:

Very hard to find differences between the two but this is what we came up with:


  • Knowing the strengths of your colleagues
  • Respect the background and past experiences of colleges.
  • Give feedback and recognition for work well done.
  • Allowing individuals time to solve their own problems and to be responsible for their own work
  • Always giving people the rationale for work you delegate to them
  • Checking that individuals have the necessary resources, skills and knowledge to complete any work, and providing opportunities for improving their competencies where needed
  • Delegating to develop individuals, not just to use their current skills
  • Asking how individuals plan to tackle a task, particularly if you have anxieties about their abilities to bring the work to a satisfactory conclusion.


  • Researchers are specific in their focus while teaching teams cover a broad range of issues/topics etc…What is important for teachers changes constantly.
  • In a research team you are likely to have passionate and like-minded colleagues. In a teaching team you are going to have a lot of diversity and different view points, which can be hard to navigate.
  • There are different pressures and challenges for each teaching team.
  • A research team is able to delegate tasks and work more fluidly. In a teaching team you are with the same people, same students and there is no room for movement/change.

“Knowing is not enough we must apply. Willing is not enough we must do.” Goethe

Dr Fox Lecture – an actor gave meaningless lecture to a bunch of students who agreed with him. Make us aware of how we need to ensure the theory is valid.

What is self evident today?

  • Left handedness is now OK.
  • NCEA Exams
  • Libraries
  • ICT/ Computer suites
  • ‘Silos’ of learning
  • Teaching concepts such as long division
  • The way we teach Reading, Writing and Math.

Education is quite slow to pick up on the ‘disruption’.

How do you make sure you are like Galileo and not like Sizi?

Collaborative, Constructionist,and Constructivist Learning


Constructionism is the building block of Constructivism.

Coding and electronics can be considered to be  as students are making products and learning as they go. They have knowledgable peers that can help you learn.

Make a musical machine using a makey-makey and scratch.


  • We learnt by doing
  • We worked together to put the code together
  • We didn’t have a tutorial – it was trial and error


  • We were given the tools to have success
  • We knew what we needed to complete
  • We learnt from each other and with each other
  • We were building on the knowledge we each already had



We had to use ICT to support our knowledge on how to code using scratch and makey-makey. We had to use ICT in order to have success, this couldn’t have been done without the technology. We did not an authentic user for our product.


We all played a part in performing and creating our musical masterpiece. We had a shared responsibility and made decisions together about what instruments to use, what sounds and what sprite.


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