Week 12

Maker Movement

Makerspace type Station Rotation.

Innovative Learning Spaces

What is the difference between Innovation and Creative?

  • Innovation has the end goal in sight.
  • Creative is using existing resources.
  • Innovation is using new things.
  • Innovation is more processed driven – along a new path.
  • Innovation has an end product that makes something better than it was before.
  • Creativity doesn’t have to have a positive outcome.
  • Innovation can be achieved over time, through failures and improvements.
  • There is a relationship between being creative and innovative.
  • Creativity helps coming up with ideas and being innovative means bringing them to life. 
  • Hatching ideas is the ‘creative’ part, bringing them to life successfully in the form of a new product or service or management method is what makes a raw idea innovation.

Atributes of an Innovator

  • Curious; constantly questioning things
  • Open to new ideas; putting oneself in situations where one can receive stimulation
  • Dare to be different
  • Be ready
  • Persistent
  • Collaborative

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