Week 13

Teacher Inquiry into Student Learning

Inquiry Learning and Robotics

Inquiry – ‘the organised pursuit of curiosity.’

Examples of inquiry cycles from different schools

Will robots/AI reduce the need for human teachers?

Fertile Questions

Here are some ideas from Harpaz (2005) on six characteristics of ‘fertile’ questions that might be used in an inquiry:

  • Open – there are several different or competing answers
  • Undermining – makes the learner question their basic assumptions
  • Rich – cannot be answered without careful and lengthy research, often able to be broken into subsidiary questions
  • Connected – relevant to the learners
  • Charged – has an ethical dimension
  • Practical – is able to be researched given the available resources

What is a robot? Ask the students what they think. Robots have to do something physical, a bot does something online. Robots as small as a light sensor through to large whole scale moving and making.

Our robotic arm did not function as we expected to . Programming should have worked, but the physical output didn’t match. Disappointing for me. Would love to give it a go again.


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