Week 32: Changes in Practice

Changes in my practice

It’s hard to believe that 32 weeks have gone already. While it only seems like yesterday that we all started this journey, it also seems like I have been working on MindLab for years. There have been times where I have really enjoyed the journey, the new ideas presented to me, the challenging of my current mindset, the pushing outside of my comfort zone, and there have been others when I have questioned why I chose to do this, how I was going to fit it all in and whether I should continue.

I am pleased that I did continue though, as I feel MindLab has enhanced my professional practice and pedagogy. Little changes like using Twitter and other social media for professional connections have enhanced my community of learning. Significant changes like using Google Classroom and self made videos to ‘flip’ my classroom and give the students more agency in their learning.

I have come to realise also that I am able to be a leader, prior to MindLab I did not consider myself to be one, but now I am involved in leading the school e-Learning initiative, and am considering looking at senior leadership in the future.

Key changes in relation to PRT

Criteria One: Establish and maintain effective professional relationships focused on the learning and well-being of all Äkonga

MindLab has allowed me to establish a wider network of professional relationships. Firstly through interactions with the teachers from around the Waikato that are in the same intake as me, and secondly through introducing me to the importance of online participation. I now will communicate with people on Google+ and Twitter, discussing professional matters related to MindLab.

I intend to continue growing this network, and becoming more active through sharing ideas and discussing new concepts with others.

Criteria Six: Conceptualise, plan, and implement an appropriate learning programme.

The use of Google Classroom, the ideas around student agency, Microsoft’s ITL framework, and new innovative technologies which I have been exposed to during my MindLab journey have all contributed to the way I plan and implement an effective programme in my learning space. The ITL framework has shown me that I am needing to do more to make the students learning more authentic, and Google Classroom has helped in removing the reliance of teacher directed learning, making it more student managed.

My dream

So where to from here, well firstly I would like to continue a professional blog to keep me in the habit of reflecting critically on my practice and new learnings I have. Secondly I would like to become Google certified, and possibly Apple certified, this will open up a world of professional learning and networking, allowing my students to always get the best possible experiences.

Of course the first thing I need to do is take time for the family. Thanks to them for supporting me one this journey.


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