Week 32: Changes in Practice

Changes in my practice It’s hard to believe that 32 weeks have gone already. While it only seems like yesterday that we all started this journey, it also seems like I have been working on MindLab for years. There have been times where I have really enjoyed the journey, the new ideas presented to me, […]

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Week 28: Indigenous knowledge and cultural responsiveness

Understanding indigenous knowledge and cultural responsiveness Prior to reading and viewing this weeks media, I felt that cultural responsiveness was being aware of the different cultural groups in my classroom, and aspects that were important to them. After watching Edtalk (2012) my thinking was challenged, to be culturally responsive requires challenging what Bishop called the […]

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Week 27: Educational Trends

Identify the trend Upon reading the Trends Shaping Education 2016 (OECD 2016) article I realise that the trend I identify closely with is ‘The Brave New World’. This looks at the pace of technological advancements and how these advancements effect our interactions both professionally and personally, along with the negative side of such interactions. It […]

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Week 26: Your Professional Context

Current issues in my professional context Socioeconomic status of the community. The American Psychological Association (APA) define socioeconomic status (SES)  as “a combination of education, income and occupation” (APA, 2016). The education area is further broken down into 4 categories, family resources, school environment, academic achievement and psychological health. All of these factors affect the students […]

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